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[Straits Times Feature] Chroma Furnishing: Adding ambience through wall panels and textures

[Straits Times Feature] Chroma Furnishing: Adding ambience through wall panels and textures

Walls are arguably the unsung hero of the home, easily forgotten in the glamour of sleek finishings and furniture. It is tempting to throw a coat of paint on a wall – perhaps even in an unconventional and exciting shade – and call it a day.

But when done right, a wall adds character to a home, and speaks to the dweller’s lifestyle and personality, says Ms Tiffany Chia, co-founder of Chroma Furnishing.

The company specialises in fluted and decorative wall panels, along with customisable, uniquely textured wallpapers.

For instance, its Chroma Grasscloth Wallpaper is woven together from natural grass and fastened to a lightweight backing for a natural effect when applied to a wall.

“We love the process of discovering new materials, and we realised that there was a lack of unique textures and profiles for interiors here – especially those that are affordable and easy to install,” says Ms Chia, 40.

Their clients include home owners as well as interior designers, who engage Chroma Furnishing for both residential and commercial projects. “We get first-time home owners who may have stumbled on some inspiring fluted walls on social media, or current home owners who want to refresh their living spaces.

“We try to expand the different kinds of textures, profiles and colours to keep up with current trends. Each series usually takes three to six months to put together, but we always want to make sure the product is unique, and also easy to install and aesthetically pleasing,” says Ms Chia.

The company, which she and her co-founder Kelvin Low, 41, started in 2017, now employs some 20 people, including designers and installers. They are split across two offices in Singapore, and one in Johor Bahru. Plans are under way to open another store in Malaysia.

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