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Benefits of having fluted panels in your home

Benefits of having fluted panels in your home

Ever stumbled upon amazing interiors in home decor magazines? Perhaps you’ve come across chic fluted panels and have considered having them installed in your home.

Fluted panels are stylish, trendy, and give your home a high-end vibe. Here, we’ll be discussing all the benefits of fluted panels. You’d be surprised—their benefits are more than just the aesthetics!

What’s a fluted panel?

Fluted panels are one of the most sought-after wall designs. They’re commonly used on walls that are the focal point of the room and tend to have linear designs.

Fluted wall panels are made of engineered composites. They have a natural wood finish, which gives them the texture of natural wood. 

What are some benefits of fluted panels?

They give your room more depth

Fluted panels add interest to your walls. Their linear designs come in varying patterns and add a touch of sophistication to your space.

Although they’re commonly used in living rooms and dining areas where you host your guests, many homeowners install them in their bedrooms as well. 

Having fluted panels adds contrast to clean, plain walls. If you’re interested in installing fluted panels for your home, we recommend pairing it with clean, cream walls. It’s perfect for anyone who wants to visual interest into their space without having to hang up any decor. 

Calming and relaxing

Due to their natural wood finish, having fluted wall panels can give your space a natural earthy tone. Having some natural elements in your urban home can help to alleviate stress and create a more calming space.

We recommend pairing fluted wall panels with yellow light to create an even more calming environment for your space. 

They are low maintenance 

Contrary to popular belief, fluted panels are low maintenance and very durable. It’s resistant to water damage, termites, and even mold. 

To keep your fluted panels in tip top condition, you’ll just need to dust it occasionally. There’s no need to wash or use any forms of strong cleaning detergents. You may consider using a vacuum set on low if you want to keep your fluted wall panels as dust free as possible.

They are eco-friendly

Another great benefit of fluted wallpapers is that they’re environmentally friendly. As mentioned, fluted wall panels are made of engineered composites and only their finishing is made of natural wood. 

If you’re someone who cares about the environment, you can be assured that no trees were unnecessarily chopped down to create these fluted wall panels. You’ll get to enjoy the look and feel of having wooden wall panels in your home, without worrying about environmental consequences.

They’re versatile and suitable for all rooms

Whether you’re living in a landed property or a HDB home, fluted panels will fit right in! Due to their earthy tones, fluted panels are great additions for any room in your home. Some home owners even opt to use them as wall dividers instead of installing them directly on their walls.

However, although fluted panels can spruce up any room, it doesn’t mean you want to cover your walls with them. Speak to an interior designer on their recommendations on where would be the best place to have them installed in your living space. 

Fluted panels installation process


Fluted panels can easily be installed on your walls, even if there are some imperfections on the surface. If your walls have uneven surfaces, fluted panels can help to give your walls a more polished look.

Typically, installation for fluted wall panels takes no more than just a day. If you’re looking to transform your home, you’ll get to enjoy your space’s new look and feel faster than you know it.

Have more questions about fluted panels?

How permanent are fluted panels? What does it take to remove them? How often should you clean them? These are some common questions that homeowners have.

If you’re interested in having fluted panels installed in your home, we’d love to answer these questions with you. 

On top of that, we’d like to give you our professional opinion on where you should install these wall panels so that you make the most out of them.

Drop us a message if you have any queries—we’d love to hear from you!

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