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Introducing The Solid Series: Refine By Chroma

Introducing The Solid Series: Refine By Chroma

Looking to upgrade the ambiance of your home with high-quality wood paneling? You’re in luck because we just launched our latest Solid Series at Refine by Chroma!

We’re super excited to drop the details of these luxury wood panels and guide you on their installation and usage. If you’re ready to introduce a point of visual interest in your home or revamp your existing feature wall, keep reading as we share how you can achieve the purpose with the latest Refine Solid Series.

Why Choose The Refine Solid Series

The Solid Series is the latest release of Refine by Chroma — and it’s becoming all the rage for a reason (or three). 

It is an exquisite range of wood panels sure to uplift your interior in more ways than one. The Solid Series effectively diversifies texture in your space, adds visual interest, incorporates a touch of nature, and creates a focal point. In terms of functionality, it enhances acoustics and provides insulating properties.

Moreover, you get to choose from a range of options in the Solid Series:

  • Solid Fluted: These are symmetrically linear, offering the perfect minimalistic interior wall decor. 
  • Solid Tube: These are circular and curvy, creating a soft continuity and adding an organic touch to your interior.
  • Solid Organic: Slim and subtle, solid organic panels create an exceptional statement without overpowering the ambiance.
  • Solid Jagged: These panels are angular from the side and slim from the front. 
  • Solid Concave: The solid concave paneling has curves that create fluidity and is designed to soften an interior space. 

  • How To Leverage The Solid Series’ Wall Paneling In Your Interior

    Make the most of the Solid Series’ wall paneling by installing it in areas where you wish to divert attention. For those who spend most of their time in the bedroom, this could be on the wall behind the headboard. If you love entertaining, one wall of the dining room would be ideal for covering with the Solid Series’ wall panels. Likewise, you can use it to create a feature wall in the living room.

    For maximal effect, be sure to mount your favorite pieces of artwork on the wall panels. Pro tip: Choose the color of the panels that best fits the interior design style of your space. The light ones are suitable for modern and minimalist interiors, while dark variants perform well in traditional spaces.

    Features Of The Refine Solid Series

    The Refine Solid Series has a handful of features that make the panels stand out:

    • They have high-spec interior sticker finishes that are durable and lasting.
    • The wall panels are resistant to scratches, so you won’t have to worry if you have furry friends around.
    • They’re low maintenance — the panels will last you years on end without requiring frequent replacement or touch-ups.
    • They are adaptable to different weather.
    • They come in a variety of colors: White maple, nutmeg, dark walnut, ebony, lightwood, natural oak, elm, and natural marble.

    How To Install The Solid Wall Panels

    Installation is quick and easy for the Solid Series. Follow the four simple steps below to do it yourself!

    1. Measure the wall and decide if you’ll need end caps.
    2. Install the first panel (or end cap) and use construction glue to fix it in place.
    3. Install the second wall panel by placing the long connecting flap over the shorter flap.
    4. Install the end cap or other finishing trimming.

    And voila, the Solid Series’ wall panels are all set to create a subtle statement in your space!


    Ready to upgrade your home decor game? Creating a feature wall with the latest Refine Solid Series is one of the best ways to achieve the purpose — and with the design guide given above, choosing your preferred ones and installing them will be a breeze!

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