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How To Add Texture To Your Home Using The Walls

How To Add Texture To Your Home Using The Walls

It’s always the little things that make life perfect — it could be a pair of earrings to complete your outfit or a pinch of black salt to enhance your lemonade taste. Just like that, texture is one such minor yet significant aspect of interior design which completes your home and makes it feel much more inviting. 

Although there are infinite ways to flawlessly introduce texture to your home, we will be focusing on the part that takes up the most space in your room — the walls. So, let’s dive right in!



When trying to liven up a blank wall, the first thought that probably comes to your mind is to paint it in bold and vibrant colors. While this is a tried and tested method, adding texture to your wall through wallpapers is another trendy way for a visually appealing and charming space. 

Here are some of our favorite ideas for an instant, fuss-free makeover and transformation! 


Floral Wallpaper

Covering your walls with floral wallpaper is a wonderful way to reflect the essence of nature in your home. Depending on the pattern type, you can curate lovely sanctuaries within your home, where each room is packed with the serenity of these stunning patterns. From a bold statement to a subtle addition, let’s discover some creative ways to upgrade your home with these nature-themed wallpapers. 

Artwork: If you don’t want permanent wallpaper but are looking to take advantage of these floral accents, you can use them as framed artwork. This is one of the most cost-effective and semi-permanent solutions to add elegance to a blank space without overwhelming it. So, get creative and start cutting out pieces from our favorite “Staying Young” wallpaper to adorn your walls with the eye-catchy frames waiting in the attic! 

Nature-inspired foliage: While flowers are a great choice, leaves can also be incorporated into your wallpaper designs to bring the outdoors inside. You can opt for the “Botany Class” if you want to inject a wave of greenery, whereas the “Chelsea Garden,” with its pastel hues and green leaves, is a good option to match the existing decor. 

Bold Statement: Bold print floral wallpaper, such as the Time Stood Still, can create an attractive statement and works amazingly to fill large spaces like the walls of a great room or open-plan dining. To perfect this idea, try matching your wallpaper with one other feature in the room (for example, the walls or the window coverings). 


Geometric Wallpaper 

Geometric wallpapers are a simple yet powerful addition to any room. There are plenty of contemporary and Art Deco designs, including the Geometric Shape and the Seikaiha Wave Design, that will not only add texture to your space but will also give it an alluring look. 

A good rule of thumb is to apply the darkest tone in the wallpaper on the largest piece of furniture (like a sofa) and add complementary shades through soft furnishings like cushions and throws. 


Scenic Wallpapers

Scenic views like the Paris Streetscape, London’s Big Ben, and Highway City 1 have the capability to enhance moods, boost productivity, and improve concentration. You can also go for natural views like Woman In Waterfall or Holland’s Windmill for the same positive effects on your mental health and well-being. 

As such, scenic and natural wallpapers exemplify that wallpapers don’t just have to be used to add texture — they go way beyond that! 


Fluted Panels

With tons of paint colors, different artworks, attractive wallpapers, and wall cladding techniques out there, you might underestimate the value of fluted panels. But without a doubt, fluted wall panels have proven to be one of the best choices when it comes to adding texture, breaking the monotony of walls, and livening up a space. What’s even better is that there are multiple shades and patterns to ensure you find an option that complements your ambiance wonderfully! 

For example, a Walnut fluted wall behind the bed can give your bedroom a casual yet decorative element, while a Black Stain Sesame panel in your dining room can help prevent a boring look by adding depth and defining the space. Similarly, you can use the Mahaogny wall panel in your living room to create a statement, frame elements like the couch or decorative pieces, or even divide the room into zones by, for example, highlighting the small workstation with Pure Wall Panels behind it. Additionally, you can use the Pine Panels (paired with a mirror and a console table) to add texture and interest to your aesthetically appealing entry space. 


Textured Artwork 

“I also love adding texture with various types of wall art. Artwork always catches your sightline first so it just makes sense,” says Kate Lester

Therefore, creating an interesting gallery wall with graphic art, streamlined pencil sketches, and rugged frames is a cool way to effortlessly introduce texture to your space. Alternatively, you can hang items like macrame, tasseled wall hangings, or 3D art for an impactful, dynamic, and curated space. 


An interior without texture is like a dish without salt; boring, flat, uninviting, and unfinished. So, when adding texture to your space through furnishings, floorings, and other elements, don’t let the walls take a back seat — after all, they significantly contribute to a beautiful home’s interior! 

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