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white fluted panels for living room
premier pure fluted panels
white fluted panels for living room
premier pure fluted panels


Fluted Wall

Fluted PVC Stripes with wood texture.

Package Information:
Comes in box of 10 pcs & 02pcs of L-caps. (10pcs can cover approximately 1.5m wall width)

** Please indicate height of panels required below


Product Specifications:
• Wood powder, PVC, & other reinforcing additives
• Fire rating available on request
• Formaldehyde free
• Anti Mould and Anti Termites
• Water Resistant
• Easy to Install
• Eco-friendly (FSC 100%)

Regular price $315.00

Fluted Walls

A feature wall ornamented with fluting — those three-dimensional, vertical channels that create an elegant interplay of light and shadow, made its way inside as high-style detailing on decorative paneling. Often used as a textural and focal element, the Fluted Wall is a collection of sophisticated wall panels with linear designs made of engineered composites, which usually come with a variety of natural wood finish. With its clean, crisp and continuous lines, the material offers a sense of warmth and welcoming texture, creating a unique atmosphere for living. The Fluted Wall is low maintenance, eco friendly, and durable with water-resistance and mold and termite protection. The ability to elevate confidence in space has made it highly favorable for residential and commercial decorations. The uniquely versatile design of fluted panels ensures that they can be installed to best suit your project. In practice, this means you can specify the placement, curvature, and angle of installation that precisely matches your needs.

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