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Revamping the living space with Chroma Living

Revamping the living space with Chroma Living

Let's face it..... with the amount of time we're spending at home ever since the pandemic started, most of us have made upgrades to our houses and the interior to make the living and working environment at home a more cosy and aesthetically pleasing one. 

I too felt that need to make changes to our home in order for me to feel comfortable, at ease and just happy to be there. We actually moved to a new home in the second quarter of this year and with more room for our family of 6 (and a fur kid), it also gives me more free play to create different environments around the house too!

One of the ways I managed to do this was with the professional help of Chroma Living.

Custom Wallcoverings and Decorative Panels by Chroma Living

Offering a variety of printed wallpaper, fluted panels and stone wall panels, Chroma Living has a long list when it comes to clients in the commercial sector. And with that fantastic track record providing professional services to its corporate clients, they now offer it to consumers like you and I too. And a big yay from me for that!

Here's what they offer to home owners:


They do have different types of wallpaper you can choose from and I must say, the installation was done so efficiently and perfectly that I couldn't even tell where the seams were after the work was done. No kidding
- Natural Wallpaper 
- Patterns
- Fabrics
- Textile Wallpaper
- Vinyl Fabric Backed
The one I chose for my home is Chroma Living's Custom Printed Wallpaper which is printed on water-based ink and endorsed with Green Guard Gold. This basically means it has received the highest possible ratings for your indoor health safety and emits minimal gases and low chemical emissions. Brilliant choice for those with little children and pets at home. In fact the Green Guard Gold certification program sets the most stringent guidelines for total Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) emissions.
Their wallpaper is printed on 15oz vinyl fabric with osnaburg backing which is a medium weight woven backing made from a blend of polyester and cotton.
With this service, you can provide Chroma Living with your image and they turn it into a wallpaper for you within 5 days, pr you can choose one based on their suggestion. The one that I have at home was from a painting done by a local artiste, exclusively for Chroma Living.
Here's how my dining room wall looked like before installing the Custom Printed Wallpaper.
White and clean looking right? Think again.... We actually shifted to this house less than 2 months before this picture was taken. But already there were footprints and pencil marks on my newly painted white walls thanks to KIDS 😱
Sticky little fingers conveniently putting their hands on the wall when playing or putting their feet up the wall to practice gymnastics or just playing the fool. Yup, my beautiful white wall was not so pristine in just a matter of weeks. And its just plain ridiculous to keep wiping the walls all day.

Custom Printed Wallpaper

Here's how it looks like when it first arrives. Its like fitting the pieces together like a jigsaw puzzle to make a perfect painting on the wall. 

I was so impressed at how precise and efficient the workmen get the job done. The supervisor also came by to answer any questions I had as well as as to teach me how to best care for the wallpaper and allow it to last for a long time. You can also download a guide on how to care for the wallpaper here. 
This wall was complete within a few hours and what I love about it was how it helps me bring the outdoors in 😍
I'm someone who loves being out in nature and being surrounded by greenery. This wall mural here is actually the work of a local artiste right here in Singapore and I love how it helps me feel right outdoors..... without the heat and humidity though, haa!

Here's the finished work after a few hours of work. Love it!!!
Gives me a gorgeous backdrop for my zoom meetings and webinars without having disappear into some virtual background.

And it also lets the kids and doggo have some role play fun right in the safety of our home 😂Ok maybe not everyone was having fun. LOL
This really does make staying home so much more enjoyable with a beautiful view rain or shine and this wallpaper is also such a breeze to clean. Just use a damp cloth to wipe over and voila! It's all cleaned. Maintenance is really minimal.

Fluted Panels

I am so in love with the Chroma Fluted Panels for so many reasons. Firstly, I have to admit, I always thought these would be a pain to clean. Turns out, they make it even easier for me to keep the walls sparkling clean because of the material used. In fact, these sustainable materials are better for our environment and prevent stains and dirt from clinging to your walls.

1. Eco Friendly

This is a true sustainable green solution to interior cladding projects 👍👍because of the composite materials used.


2. Low Maintenance

Looks and feels like natural wood but is so easy to maintain and you don't need to worry about water logging. In fact, my youngest accidentally splashed a bottle of painting water on it and I just easily wiped it off without a trace of paint stains.

3. Water Resistant

Made with engineered composite material consisting of Wood Plastic Composite with Surface Finish Film Lamination4. Durable

5. Anti Mould

With little kids and pets in the house, this really sets my mind at ease. I love the look of wooden finishes but not the headache of worrying about things like mould especially in our humid climate. So this is a real bonus.

6. Anti Termite

Need I say more. I love critters, but these are definitely not welcome and can really destroy a home. One less problem to worry about now that these fluted panels have this property. With us living on the ground floor and surrounded by trees, this was an issue I did worry about honestly.


Changing the look of my living room with the Chroma Fluted Panels didn't take too long either. And once again, the workmen did their job so well 👍 The finishings at the edges were just seamless.

This is how my white wall looked before the installation.

Panel by panel they installed it onto my wall and painstakingly measured and cut it to fit perfectly.
I was really happy with how the colour of the fluted panels I chose blended so well with my flooring.
All the panels were measured and cut out so perfectly. Even my OCD husband nodded in approval. Love it!
Look at the range of colours you can choose from. I am so glad that we had the consultants from Chroma Living come to our home to advise on the best choice among what they offer that would go well with rest of the furnishings in our home.
The fluted panels are really sturdy and even as I write this months later after they've been installed, its still solid against the wall with narry a stain even though I place my feet up on it for workouts now. Something I wouldn't have dreamed of doing to the white walls before, haha.

Thank you Chroma Living for making our house a cosier home! 💗

Chroma Living 



62 Ubi Road 1, Oxley Bizhub 2,
#01-41, Singapore 408734

Opening Hours:

Monday to Friday: 10am - 7pm

Saturday: 1pm - 7pm

Sunday & PH Closed



(65) 6926 2610



Written By: Ms Dawn Sim @thatmomoffour

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